1. What is your experience of looking at the Moon in previous classes (K-12 and/or college)? How much time did you spend observing the Moon for those classes?
    2. My previous experiences in school observing the moon did not take place until my college years. I have did not experience in K-12 observing the moon during the school day. In my Astronomy lab last year we observed the moon a few times using our naked eyes and through telescopes.
    3. How much time have you spent reading about the Moon? Describe any reading you have done in science courses and how much that reading helped your understanding.
    4. I have learned and read about the moon in my Astronomy and Geography courses here at CMU. I am very interested in the moon and enjoy observing it for fun. My friends and I will sit on each other’s roofs and watch the full moon. I also like reading about different eclipses and observing them. I have read several farmer’s almanacs too that have information about the moon. I feel like I have a pretty good understanding about the moon, especially after my Astronomy courses. One of my campers this summer was very interested in the moon too, so I would read children’s books to him about the moon and space.
    5. Describe what your understanding of how Moon phases happen before you began this assignment. Draw a diagram that illustrates your current understanding.