The Next Generation Science Standard I will base my teaching unit on is 4-ESS3 Earth and Human Activity. This is a standard for fourth grade and entails students learning about the cause and effect relationship between humans, animals and the environment as a whole. By using a moon phase project students are able to look at something bigger than themselves, and larger than what the eye can see. I believe this would be especially exciting for fourth graders as they begin to develop more complex thoughts about their connection to the Universe. Fourth graders also are starting to develop better skills with using technology and thinking more broadly about the world. By blogging or weekly observing the moon, students are able to record data, make observations, personalize what they learn and then relate it back to how the Sun, Moon and Earth’s properties all effect how we view the moon. Part of this standard also involves learning about science, technology, and society and their effects on the natural world. Learning and observing how, when and why the moon appears the way it does allows students to develop causal relationships about the natural world. It also helps students develop a new perspective as they observe in different locations or learn about others observation locations.

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