The Moon app I am reviewing is called Daff Moon Phase. This app contains a visual of the moon including the date, location, phase, altitude, azimuth, transit, moon age, distance, and zodiac. It provides different kinds of visuals and information to represent the other planets in our solar system as well. This app contains many features but is pretty easy to navigate through. It also contains dates for the various eclipses throughout the year, a moon calendar and so much more!

This could be utilized in the classroom in a variety of ways. Students could track the moon this way  (similar to how we are doing it in class). This also could be a great site of reference to help students understand and visualize how the planets orbit one another and the sun, and how the Moon orbits Earth. This also could be projected onto a smart board to share with the entire class. I would use this site to help show visual representations to my students and help them learn the phases of the moon (of course with using other activities as well).